Antti - Drums
Anssi - Bass
Kane - Synths
Markus - Guitar
Toni - Vocals


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Booking agent: Marko Nikula / Alt Agency -


"Their '80s-inspired tracks are a breath of fresh air—a defiant, youthful expression of honesty, paired with a level of talent and musical craftsmanship not often associated with contemporary pop music. There's no guilt in this pleasure."
- This City Of Islands

"What’s not to love about a band whose music is like a perfect soundtrack for all those 80s Tom Cruise flicks?"
- Ja Ja Ja Music

"Freeweights on oikeuteusti yksi oman potentiaaliset sainaamattomat suomalaisbändit –listani kärjessä. Sen lisäksi että bändin keikat ovat spektaakkelinomaisia kokonaisvaltaisia kokemuksia, yhtyeen look hakee vertaistaan."

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